Ambulance Response Times in Southern California

The data are ambulance response times to 911 calls in Santa Barbara, Kern, Los Angeles, and Ventura Counties. There is both location and
time information in the data sets because we know where and when the call originates. We will try to predict ambulance response times using temporal and spatial information, as well as call-characteristics, and present the results in GIS maps. Geographically Weighted Regression and point process models will be used.


Santa Barbara County
The data from Santa Barbara County are our most complete set. Location information is very precise, and we managed to locate most of the addresses for which there was incomplete or ambiguous information. Members of the Center can download the data in
Excel format or in R Workspace format.
Kern County
Kern County data are a full year. There are no addresses in the data, but location information is in the form of
one square mile blocks, of which there are
Los Angeles County
For Los Angeles we have one month worth of calls, about 30,000 of them.
Ventura County
We do not have Ventura County data yet, but with are in correspondence with the agencies.



Ryan’s Experience with Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR)